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DGSA Online Training Course – £649+VAT

Have you ever considered progressing your career in dangerous goods and becoming a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor?

With Enterprise you can reach your goals!

Enterprise offers a totally unique way of studying for the DGSA exams that is designed to assist candidates to learn at their own pace whilst offering the standard intensive way of learning online via ‘Zoom’.

What is the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Qualification?

A Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) is a person certified to provide advice to undertakings whose activities include the consignment, carriage, or the related packing, loading, filling, or unloading of dangerous goods, to monitor compliance with legal requirements and to ensure the preparation of an annual report.

Who needs to appoint a DGSA?

Undertakings involved in the consignment or carriage of dangerous goods by road, and related activities, must appoint a vocationally qualified safety adviser or advisers.  A DGSA’s function is to advise you on health, safety, and environmental matters in connection with the carriage of dangerous goods.

The undertakings affected are those:

  1. Who consign dangerous goods for carriage which may include the packing, filling, or loading of the means of transport;
  2. Who are operators of road vehicles used for the carriage of dangerous goods;
  3. Who load/unload dangerous goods in transit to their final destination (including temporary storage), such as freight forwarders or warehouses – this category also covers undertakings at ports and airports that load/unload dangerous goods on or off-road vehicles. 

What do you get with Enterprise?

For only £778.80 inc. VAT you get access to all of the following;

  • 4-day intensive ‘Zoom’ course hosted by an experienced, qualified instructor
  • A further live mock paper day to prepare candidates for the eventual exams
  • A final live ‘exam preparation session to make candidates aware of all that is expected of them on exam day
  • Enterprise’s unique course workbook containing over 100 practice DGSA exam-style questions
  • CDG documentation in full
  • Access to an online study resource portal containing the following;

o Pre-course video tutorials

o Tutorial videos on each of the teaching modules

o Downloadable content

  • Full email support from your instructor from the time of booking to your exams

*Please note that we only provide the training course. Candidates are required to purchase their own ADR books and arrange and pay for their own exams.

Enterprise is happy to assist with this process on request.

Take a look at our introduction video below to see what you get and how it all works!

If you would like more information please call 0161 494 2836 or email

To book your course please visit our dedicated online booking website – DGSA Training.

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